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May 4, 2006
Central PA
wondering what receiver is currently available for new subs (HD + DVR)?
Haven't been able to dig up that info - other than seeing the 922 upgrade for free for good customers....
That would lead me to believe that the 722 is the usual offering?
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Dec 12, 2006
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Usually 722k, 722, or 622 for two room solutions (1 HD 1 SD), depending on what's on-board the truck or in the warehouse. 612 for single TV. I'd want one of the first three, preferably a 722k or 722 even for a single TV if I was getting a single receiver. I just don't care for the 612.


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Nov 25, 2010
722 should be the usual offering. Some techs might have 622s on the truck. 722/722k would be my choice so you have the option of the Sling adapter. Not sure if you can officially request that on a new install, but ask the tech as soon as he knocks on your door what he has on the truck and say no thanks to the 622.

922 is stable at this point, but unless you just have to have the pretty interface or multiple EHDs, its not worth the extra $4/month IMO.

I think the Sling adapter promo is still on, making it "free" after rebate if you have a 722/722k.

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