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May 27, 2008
I wanted to say Hi to everyone. I am new to Glorystar. Does anyone know what channels can be obtained by hooking up a motor? Is it difficult for the average person to hook the motor up?
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Sep 11, 2005
Canby, Oregon
Go to:
and see "The List" tab at the top of this this page. They can be very frustrating to set up.
and Welcome!!!!


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May 1, 2006
My advice is to go to and check if there is an installer in your area. If there is, contact them and see if they have worked with motors and feel confident about installing them. If they do, go ahead and purchase one. If you cannot get it working yourself, call them to finish the job for you.

If you are looking for Christian channels, most of them are on the two satellites you get with the Glorystar system. I have a motor that I do not use because I would have to have a master and slave receiver. The set-up I have now allows for me to get all the GloryStar channels on four different receivers. When I had my motor working, I didn't find much on the other satellites that made it worth it.


Apr 7, 2008
Creston, BC
Actually, while it is true that there is not too much on the other satellites (except Galaxy 10R), AMC3 has some worthwhile stuff: various PBS channels, CreateTV, PatientChannel and TipTV.

But some of them, especially the PBS channels at "12179 V 30000" are hard to pull in. I had to use fine tuning on the motor positioning to get them, as the default position (which was set via USALS and normally works well) was a bit off for these signals. At least that is my experience.

Another drawback is that many of them are in Dolby audio, so if you don't have a home theatre system, you need to get a decoder and plug it into either the optical or the spdif output. I got around this by purchasing the Sonic Voom headphone system from eBay (appx. $20) and plugging a stereo mini plug into it's output, and from there into my speaker system.
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