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Mar 28, 2004
This might be a stupid question but when I watch Comedy Central and others reds and other colors seem this something to Comedy Central or my dish?
My friend just got VOOM and noticed a problem like that with I think it may have been ABC Family. He said he didn't notice it on any other channels. I'd be interested to hear what causes it and if there's a fix.
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I am not sure what exactly you are referring to (may be you can tell us more?), but this might be an over-compressed picture. One of the compression artifacts. Do you see this on all the channels, or just on some specific SD channels?
Thank you, Ilya. This problem is happening now with Comedy Cent. South Park is on and Cartmans red shirt has static all over it. Some of the other colors as well have static on them. It’s almost like a static you get with a Cband sat when you move the sat to fine tune and you get breakup.
Unfortunately, I am not at home right now - cannot check. May be someone else will comment. I did notice over the past couple of days some video noise on some of the SD channels. (As if it was a poor signal over the analog cable...) This certainly looked as an issue at the source to me, not a digital artifact. If that's what you are talking about - don't worry about it. I am sure they will correct it.
The problem on Comedy Central is called Oversaturation, it is caused by the initial feed from the satellite to Vooms system being too strong. You can always tell this because it is concentrated in the reds. If it was instead a low signal it would be spread evenly across all colors. It was common in the C-band days and basically means that Voom needs to turn down the gain a little bit on their initial feed from the satellite before they compress it and send it on to us. It also shows on Spike, and E!. A&E has some other problem which looks like just a corrupted signal. I also am hoping as things settle down they will get around to tweaking thier inputs and correct these problems. But Comedy has been oversaturated since day one
I also this static on Headline News and Comedy Central this morning. I checked the same channels on my 721 on E* and it was not there. There might be others SD channels.

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