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Oct 12, 2019
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Recently had a power supply fail in a 13yo Samsung 55" LCD. Equipment is Hopper connected to a Denon receiver via 3 component (RGB) cables and a Toslink then out the HDMI 1 (ARC) to HDMI 1 on the TV.

I connected a Samsung TV like the old one and the video will go away for several seconds and then come back. It will sometimes give the note that ROKU not connected even though the Denon is set on input CBL (dish receiver).

All of the inputs are to the Denon receiver from several devices (ROKU, XBox, Dish Receiver, & Oppo Blue Ray player) via HDMI. The only oddball is the Dish which uses component & Toslink. It was working great this way on the older TV.

I also tried connecting from the dish receiver to the Denon using only an HDMI. Same issue - TV video drops out for several seconds.

I can run an HDMI direct to the TV (from Dish receiver) and the video does not drop out but my only audio is then from the TV speakers when using the Dish receiver since it bypasses the Denon. The solution appears to be run HDMI direct to HDMI 1 on TV from Dish receiver and the Toslink from Dish receiver to Denon for audio. My only issue with that is that it complicates needing HDMI from Denon HDMI 1 to another HDMI on the TV for Xbox, ROKU, & Oppo. anyone have any idea why the Dish receiver has inconsistent video from HDMI 1 on the Denon where b4 it worked? Sorry this sounds so complicated, but for me it is.
It sounds like the only change is the TV. All other connections were not changed (till you had the problem). My thought is this tv does not like some setting. Maybe ARC, or CEC or both being used at the same time? Also did you try a different HDMI input on the TV?

Also try a new (or different) HDMI cable.
I had not tried any other except HDMI4 (ARC) on the TV end. And also the HDMI 2 (monitor) at the Denon end. Both gave no video signal at all, but I'll have to admit that the new TV (Samsung QN65Q) seems to be giving me fits of lost sleep with the constant refusing to let go of thinking the only device on HDMI1 is the ROKU - it seems not to have a way of telling it that everything is coming out of the Denon on HDMI1. Don't know about ARC or CEC but I'll look into it. Thanks for that suggestion. Back when I got a Dish account, discovered their boxes did not like being switched through the receiver - that's when I went with the component and Toslink instead of the HDMI to the Denon. I don't expect to do any 4K at this time. But again, should not all the input devices feed out of the HDMI1 output of the Denon? As a side note, all the other devices (ROKU, Xbox, and Oppo) work fine and consistently into the Denon and out to TV HDMI1.
Not to reinvent the wheel. All of my stuff....sat, fire tv, roku run through my TV hdmi inputs.
My sound bar loops thorough ARC. It's a fairly new Sony Android.
The only thing that goes to my HT receiver is optical out from the TV. Of course that leaves me with only Dolby Digital 5.1.
No biggie really. Next will be an hdmi audio extractor to feed discrete audio to the DVD input of the receiver.
I have a Logitech Harmony Ultimate that I set up macros (activities) on for one button config of the whole HT system.
CEC is nice on a string of AV equipment. If it works.

Personally just for giggles I'd try the hookup that way. I've been at a customers home with a Bose installed rig and a Denon receiver.
He had some of the issues you described. Plus all of the button presses involved.
I asked him to try my setup and actually cut down on some excess cabling. Left a cheat sheet for him and his wife.
Called back for a followup and they couldn't be any happier. Apparently all of the picture/sound glitches went away after that.

To note also there are probably some "expert settings" for HDMI, ARC, etc in the menus.
A member in another group used an optical>RCA converter from his new tv to an older receiver.
Audio glitches a-mundo. He "tried everything". Turned out to be setting in a sub menu when switched from basic to advanced that fixed the problem.
It's bad when a TV is smarter than us mortals. I do have a Harmony remote set up for DW and It works for her as set up with the old TV okay. I've tried a few different HDMI cables. I think most are AMZN Basics. Some might be higher $$$ and some from Monoprice. My old Samsung remote had a "source" button. The new one has a minimalist remote that to get to "source", I have to make a large number of button pushes. Then when I get there, I cannot find a way to make it always "see" HDMI 1 out of the Denon. Samsung support looks like a maze.
My Denon receiver was working great until the last hopper update. It use to show hopper 3 on the screen now it shows as STB refsw design. Everything else I have hooked up shows the correct information.

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My Denon receiver was working great until the last hopper update. It use to show hopper 3 on the screen now it shows as STB refsw design. Everything else I have hooked up shows the correct information.

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just got a new 75x950h sony tv, and denon receiver, i saw the hopper 3 name, and thought it was because it went through a hdmi splitter, guess not, lol
do you use any cec controls, for the hopper through the deonon or no ??
(replaced a older samsung and denon without 4k)

(sorry for kicking this back up, lol)

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