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Jan 28, 2013
Southeast Texas
Per subject line - I have a new Wally with my King VQ4500 installed on my motorhome. I love the Wally receiver but it is always a pain whenever I change to a channel that causes the Sat to have to move from any Sat -> 110 to 119 to 129 or any other combination. The Sat change seem quick but maybe not quick enough for the Wally. Therefore I constantly get the Signal Loss or complete signal loss screens...sometimes if I wait, the channel comes in - not always on the HD channel but the SD one. I try going to the guide and choosing the channel again but the process repeats - Now sometimes the HD channel comes in but very inconsistent.

I have had this receiver since June and was hoping that an update would come out to fix. All it has to do is just wait a little longer for the Sat to lock.

Any ideas what to do or has anyone else experienced this annoying behavior?


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Jul 13, 2011
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