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Jun 28, 2010
We are midwesterners who snowbird in our RV to the southwest for about 5 months in the winter and we take our Directv SD receiver and an 18 in dish for our remote TV reception.
Recently we upgraded to HD at our home and they installed the new SL3S SWM dish and we have (1) SD receiver and (1) HD DVR
I have another SL5LNB dish and I am wondering if I buy a SL3S SWM LNB and the power inserter and the 4-way splitter and swap the LNBs, could I take this dish and my HD receiver and be able to get HD programming while camping. How difficult is this dish to point and would I need a special meter for pointing.
Thank in advance for any help.
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Jul 23, 2006
You can do it without a meter, but I would not classify it as easy without a meter. If you want to give it a try using setup on your receiver, it helps a lot to have a very good compass and have your settings in advance by using this web site:
Satellite Finder / Dish Pointing Calculator with Google Maps |
Put in your location address and zip code or even better, the lattitude/longitude and select DircTV from the dropdown menu. It will then give you the elevation and azimuth. Also, it helps to look at the sat photo to determine your line of site in advance to get your bearings. If you do this in advance and get your mast very accurately vertical, you can find it and tweak using the receiver setup. Don't forget to have what you need to view a tv screen while at the dish, so that you can slowly make your adjustments while watching for a signal.
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Jul 14, 2005
NW Ohio - Buckeye Country
You said you have a SL5LNB, why not use it ?
Only difference is you need to go thru Sat set up and set the Dish Configuration to the SL5 instead of the SWM that it is set for now.
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