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Jul 26, 2005
I’m completely new to the DirecTV scene. I’ve done a little bit of homework but have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with.

I’m moving to a new apartment complex on August 17. I do not need HDTV. I’m looking for a two receiver set up, one with TiVo (or DirecTV DVR). I have:

• An RCA 27” analog TV with an Onkyo 1000 watt 6 channel home theatre system.
• A custom-built PC with a Hauppauge 250 PVR with Snapstream Beyond TV connected to a Dell 2405FPW 24” Widescreen LCD.

Ideally the DirecTV receivers would have the following:

Home Theatre
• TiVo or DirecTV DVR
• Component out or S-Video out
• Digital audio out (preferably fiber optic though coax works)

• Serial (to PC) or USB UIRT (to PC)
• S-Video out

My questions are:

I: I know DirecTV just started the $100 off DirecTV DVR promotion today. What DirecTV TiVo receiver would you recommend that I buy for the Home Theatre?

II: After I bought the TiVo receiver for the Home Theatre I’m thinking I would then use one of the free sets for the Computer (I wouldn’t need TiVo on that one since I have the capture card and Beyond TV). Or would you recommend I buy a second TiVo receiver for the Computer and then hook it up directly to the monitor? The monitor has component in and S-video in. If I did that what would I connect the sound outputs to?

III: Where could I get the best deal on the setup, installation and establishment of my service? I would be getting BellSouth phone service and DSL Fast Access. They offer packaged deals (somewhere around 5% off a month) plus a $100 rebate when I sign up for everything. Monthly charges are the same as DirecTV’s.

IV: I will live on the second floor (top floor) of my apartment complex, facing south. It has a balcony. I anonymously called my apartment office and asked about satellite. They said I would have to pay a $150 deposit and sign an agreement before I installed it. Should I? What would they do if I didn’t and had it installed? What method of dish installation would you recommend I go with? Pole and bucket of cement or some kind of attachment? If so, what kind and where can I get it?

V: Is DirecTV abandoning TiVo? On the new coupon I don’t see the TiVo name anywhere.

Thank you so much for your help. August 17 is going to be a glorious day! I can’t wait for DirecTV!
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Jul 25, 2005
the DirecTV dvrs do have digital optical out and s-video outs. Yes DirecTV's contract with Tivo is up soon and they will be offering thier own dvr (the r15) which will have the same menu style as the D10 and H10 receivers, but it will have all of the same features and capabilities if not more than tivo offers.

I'm an advanced tech support (tier 2) csr for directv and I have yet to see the r15 so I don't know exactly what its all about, I have limited info on it. but ilke I said I do know that it will have all of the same features if not more than the "Tivo" units.
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May 10, 2005
1/2 in my house 1/2 in my truck
good luck gettin a 2nd line in a apartment complex for a tivo/dvr.
I'm a tech for an HSP and I would not put it in unless you have written permission from the manager to drill holes and whatever else it takes to put one in there.


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Jul 21, 2005
Memphis, TN
Since you have a TV tuner card and computer, have you considered using that as a PVR? Check out the BYOPVR site for ideas on how to incorporate a PC into an entertainment system. Best of all, there are no monthly DVR charges. For those who want a system in one box, however, nothing beats a PVR like TIVO or the upcoming R-15. j c

P.S. I'm sorry for not posting the URL, but the site is named byopvr.
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