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Jul 28, 2005
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Upgraded to HD and need help with Hookup.

I have Dish 500 (I know) with 2 dual LNBF (I think). I turned in the 522 DVR to get the 811 HD receiver, and purchased a 322 to go with the 322 I already had. I need at least 4 TV's and a 5 would be nice.

How do I hookup two 322's and a 811 off of one dish with 4 lines. Do I need a splitter? if so what kind. I have a DP Plus but that isn't helping.

In the mean time I am running the HD fine, and one 322 fine with the double cable off of the LNB. But I can't get even one of the tuners working on the other 322. Do 322's need both lines fed from the same LNBF?

I think that about covers it
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Sep 8, 2003
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First, welcome to SatelliteGuys! :welcome

We're going to need some more info. If you have 2 duals, what switch do you have? You have a DP Plus ____? Choices are DPP Twin or DPP44. Check your System Info screens then let us know what is in boxes b and h.

Here's my guess:
You have 2 legacy duals (no dp logo) and a DPP44 which isn't working because you can't mix legacy and DishPro LNBFs and switches. The DPP44 is a good choice for your mix of receivers. Replace your LNBFs with a DP Twin, connect to the DPP44. You can also add a dish with a DP Single or DP Dual if you want to get Voom on your 811.

NO SPLITTERS! Each dual tuner receiver can be fed by a single run of RG6 from a DP Plus switch. What you actually need is a DPP Separator at the back of each receiver.

Each dual tuner receiver needs to be fed by the same switch.

More DishPro information:


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May 3, 2005
If you have a DishPro Quad, I think the easiest thing to do is use DishPro 34 switch. You should be able to find it cheaper than DPP44. Run 2 lines down from you DPQuad into the DP34. Now you have 4 outputs, 2 each for your 322's, and you still have 2 outputs from the DPquad to go to your 811 and another single tuner rec in the future.
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