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Sep 4, 2006
Providence, RI
SA lifer and SWL (shortwave listener) looking to get into FTA...Glorystar w/new DVR/EPG etc sounds good but I also want to explore all the FTA radio and TV available, which I understand means a motorized setup. I know that Glorystar doesn't support this motorized setup, but the ease of paying Glorystar for receiver, dish and installation is appealing to me. Is it likely that I will be able to pay the installer for the motor & all related setup - or do I need to scrap the Glorystar idea altogether? Is there any advantage of one receiver over another when it comes to scanning all the satellites, or would the new G'star DVR be as good as any for this purpose? BTW are there motorized setups that work fairly well or is this possibly problematic? I also need to install new rooftop antenna for OTA digital TV-are these antennas I see advertised that look like they are almost intertwined with the dish any good or should I just go with more of a standard antenna? I will hire an installer, price isn't much of
an object ... thanks for any and all guidance! Charlie
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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Aug 19, 2005
Groton, CT
You might want to check out one of our sponsors - SatelliteAV. They sell motorized systems and are also the equipment supplier for Glorystar (in fact, if you check the bottom of the Glorystar web page you will see "
© Satellite AV, LLC DBA Glorystar Satellite Systems ").

So yes, you should be able to buy a motorized Glorystar system and the FTA installer service they provide should take care of pro installation.

A couple of things to keep in mind, though.

The typical Glorystar system uses two LNBs mounted 4 degrees apart. While it is possible to use this with a motorized system, you will have to deal with a lot of offsets and the loss of "prime" focusing. More likely, you will want the small delay associated with using a motor to move the dish with single LNB to the appropriate satellite.

Also, you will be able to scan in additional satellites. When you do so, you will need to turn off the auto-update feature on the Glorystar receiver or the OTA updates will wipe your scanned satellites. This is an understandable limitation, but I'm hopeful that in future releases they will be able to combine the auto-update with manually scanned satellite/transponder info. We should know more about how this feature works soon after the receiver ships and gets reviewed (likely by Iceberg - he's da man when it comes to reviews!).

You might want to poke around this site for more info on the DTV antenna question. In my experience, the best choice is a standard rooftop "clothesline" antenna. I have had two installed in the attics of two different houses with satisfactory results.

Good luck and enjoy FTA!


SatelliteGuys Pro
I SAW IT! You will be able to save what you scanned into the receiver, then later do a manual update, then reload in, from internal memory, those you had saved. Although Brian did not say it this way, I think {lookout - Thinking in progress} you could do a scan, save what you scanned and leave the box on auto-update. Then after the auto-update, reload what you had saved. Am I right, Brian? I do not see why or how the auto-update would wipe out what is stored on a thumb drive.
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