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Jun 27, 2008
I am wondering why my CLOCK display flips time on the various Glorystar channels? I have my CLOCK on the (glorystar) Fortec Mercury II receiver set to:

- CLOCK DISPLAY: 12 hour
- Time Zone: Chicago (I live in St Louis)
- Summer Time: ON
- Time Offset: +00

Some channels show the correct time, on others it goes backwards 5.0 hours.
On some it goes backwards by 4.0 hours.

Don't ALL transponders on ALL satellites transmit the UTC (GMT) ?
This is very weird behavior. This is a rather simple feature of any
satellite receiver. Or so I would think. Anyone else getting
this strange flaw? Any fix to it glorystar?

My (glorystar) fortec receiver info follows:

- Last Updated: Apr 29 2008
- S/W Version: V4.97
- H/W Version: V1.00
- Loader Version: V1.00

I'm not mad about this flaw, just curious as to how/why
its happening. I'm left scratching my head on this one.
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The transponder programer sets (or fails to set) the time. If the transponder you are on does not keep the time set, you are out of luck. I noticed on the new DVR that only one transponder is used for time, and Glorystar (aka Brian) makes sure it has the RIGHT time on it, for us! I am not sure totally how it works, just that it does... A DVR clock that is within 4 seconds -- all the time? I know Brian paid attention to what we (I) were asking for! I am going to have to re-read the differences in the specs... I think I have sold myself on the DVR - all set up... Way more money than I wanted to spend, but wow! Looks like it is worth it. OOOPS getting way off the topic.
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