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Apr 30, 2014
When I first started using this channel on ROKU, it was pretty good. You could watch local news broadcasts from around the county. For the Portland Maine channel There would be the same three hokey commercials at the start of the news and maybe the same three sprinkled though out the broadcast but even still It was pretty good.

It's been about two months since I watched NewsOn and now that channel is showing "ad 1 of 1, "your program will begin shortly" ad 1 of 5....", "we'll be back shortly' only to be followed with the loop over and over.

I can't even break out of the loop to change the stations! What's up? Is anyone else seeing similar?


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Sep 14, 2015
Thousand Oaks
I ran into the same thing the last time I tried using NewsOn. I was looking for a Miami station to watch during hurricane Irma. Eventually found a station in Tampa Bay that was streaming its coverage and watched that all weekend.

If you like news, you may want to check out the Lifestream Roku channel. It's not as user friendly as NewsOn but they don't insert commercials. To find stations I go to their website, check out the account map and then enter the station's call letters in the Account Search box on the Lifestream app. Works for me.

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