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  1. be on the lookout.
    directv is sending out emails for free nfl sunday ticket

    just got one this morning, expires tomorrow.

    directv forums confirms its legit

    no input of into required, just click on a link
  3. This morning I received the email and clicked on the link. I checked my account but it has not yet been added. I assume this takes a while to be applied to the account?
  4. im giving it a day or 2
  5. I've called 3x and chatted 4 times...(the excuse) Because I do not auto renew I get no deal this year?...I buy every sports package and the all the RSNs.....I cant even imagine now giving it away and all those people got it for $99 thinking that was a deal?....I find that odd?
  6. well, it wasnt on my account this morning
    did a chat, rep added it, now shows on account as a $0 item
  7. Mine has not shown up today so I started a chat. To make a long story short the rep offered to sell it to me for $100. I pushed for the free offer in the email. They asked me to copy and paste the email which i did. I was instructed to click the link again, which I did then they told me it was fixed. Needless to stay it is still not on my account. UGH
  8. keep trying
  9. This just got interesting. Now I called DirecTV. The rep says they cannot give it free but offers to sell it to me for $99. I say that sounds like bait and switch so I ask to speak to retentions. The retentions rep tells me this is a scam and Directv/AT&T is NOT sending these emails.

    I ask why the domain is registered to AT&T and why it has my account number in the email. She says do not click on the link, this is a scam and they are getting a lot of calls about this. The credits are not being applied to the accounts so they know this is a scam.

    So am I to believe DirecTV has been hacked? An email comes from a domain registered to AT&T Services and uses AT&T Services SMTP and contains my DirecTV Account number. But this is a scam and DirecTV has not been hacked? BTW, is registered to AT&T Services. The same as .
  10. ive posted in the directv forums, they are looking at it
  11. Sounds like ATT trying to backpedal for sending too many emails out.
  12. I got the email a few months ago, and got it for free with no problems.
  13. I got the email - And I'm no longer interested in the NFL - Perhaps D* & NFL are trying to find missing eyeballs?
  14. att has confirmed the emails are legit
    no known issue with them
    if it does not work, contact customer service
  15. I wish they would send me that email!!!
  16. I was surprised when I got it. Last year I called, and the best I could do was a small discount on it.
  17. Keep checking, also there is a channew in the low 100 s that will tell you if it's active.
  18. I checked my account tonight and it now says NFL Sunday Ticket MAX 2017 "Included in your package". I guess that email wasn't a "scam" after all.
  19. Hmmm, wouldn't be a scam if others are also posting that they now have it. :)
  20. Try telling that to D* retention. LOL This ranks up there with one of the worst customer relations events I ever experienced.
  21. Nah, I'm sure theres plenty worse ... if ya look around ... :bounce