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Aug 21, 2005
So my buddy who is a DTV subscriber got this BurgerKing promo where you can get a free day of NFLST, via rebate. If he does the one day purchase on one reciever can it be duplicated on another as well as no extra charge?

We were also wondering if we do the payper day this first week, will we also get the Supefan free preview?
I got one of these today. Is it possible to order this via the web? If so that would answer the OP's question because if you order PPV via the web it mirrors to all recievers.
From what I read, you get the coupon, you order the Sunday Ticket Day, you get charged 39 bucks, you pay the 39 bucks to DirecTV, then you need to send a copy of the BILL along with the rebate form to wherever. So unless someone comes up with a way to get them to honor more then one bill from the same address, I think it's a one time thing only.

It also says you're supposed to order the PPD using your remote or on the phone, if you can use the web, I don't know.
It looks like you may be able to order it online. They've now added the (order) listing next to all of the games on the online directv Program Guide. This wasn't up a few days ago.
how do you get a one of these forms..

How do you get a free week? Do you have to buy something from Burger King? is this just an instore promotion? How about some help?
skaeight said:
Nope, that's not true. You get to pick 1 of 5 prizes, one of which is a free week of ST. You get a code and go to the above website where you will make your selection.

Oops! You are correct, sir! I must have misread it earlier.
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