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Sep 26, 2003
A couple weeks ago, I emailed Dish and Nhl Center Ice saying they should show the channel that the games are being shown on. Don't know if that and anyone else's emails made a difference.

But in the guide now, after the teams that are playing, it'll where the game is being broadcast from. For example. Instead of just showing Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia, it now shows Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia (PIT).

Also, when Tony annouced that new channels were being added to NHL CI, it didn't make any sense since there were already more than 15, meaning if all 30 teams played each other, there would still be room. If you notice in the guide, they are now offering different channels for the same game.

Not any big news unless you're a hockey fan and subscribe to NHL CI, but improvements are always welcomed.

Now let's demand the NHL channel from Dish and NHL CI!
I wonder if maybe there is a connection to what I saw and asked about in this thread...


BEV is starting to roll out some interactive features like multiple game views with their HNIC coverage on "NHL Centre Ice"
I always thought that the 2nd team named was the home team. I thought this was a sports standard. Such as whenever you see a scoreboard, the 2nd team is always the home team.
Wouldn't it be nice to get biased announcers on your choice of channel? If you are a Pitt fan you hear your announcers who "feel with" the Pitt fans. If you like Phil then you get more appropriate announcers.

Nothing worse than having your team lose and listening to the anouncers gloat about it. If more friendly announcers are available, they should be used.


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