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For anyone who knows, can you tell me and the rest here what is going to happen to the draft if there's a season-long strike?

If no hockey is played, how are they going to handle the draft lottery? Use the same order as the year before?

This upcoming draft, Ovechkin is the front runner for #1 overall. This kid is a franchise player...

For 2005, the front runner right now is Sid Crosby...the phenom Nova Scotia!

If the league just keeps the same order from the year previous, why wouldn't half the teams in the league perpously try and tank the season to draft two franchise players?

I'm going to try and find out the answer to this and I'll post back with the results...
The fairest thing I could see being done in terms of a weighted draft would be as follows:

Using the provisional draft order from 2004 for the first over all pick...

1st pick 2004 = 15%
2nd, 3rd picks = 10% each (25%)
4th, 5th picks = 8% each (41%)
6th-9th picks = 6% each (65%)
10th-14th = 3% each (80%)
15th-19th = 2% each (90%)
20th-29th = 1% each (100%)
30th pick = 0% (they did just win the last cup afterall)

As for the rest of the draft order (i.e. 2-30), once again using the 2004 draft order

A) picks 1-10 = equal weight for each team that finished in bottom 10 of 03-04 season*
B) picks 11-20 = equal weight for each team that finished in middle 10 of 03-04 season.
C) picks 21-30 = equal weight for each team that finished in top 10 od 03-04 season (including stanley cup champion)**

* Includes team with provisional 1st overall pick. Should they lose the 1st pick lottery, the pick they draw here will be their slot

** Should the '04 Cup Champion move up in the draft order, they will still be ineligible for the 1st overall lottery

*** Picks 2-30 are dependant on who wins the 1st overall lottery. For example, if the team with the 13th overall pick after the draft lottery wins the 1st pick lottery in '05 draft then teams with lottery picks 1-12 will move down one slot from where they are; i.e. 1 will move to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4 and so on.

The draft order lottery should be done before the first pick lottery, but nonetheless the 2004 Cup Champion will be ineligible for the 1st overall lottery no matter where spot they draw between 21-30.

Seems fair to me.
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