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Apr 18, 2006
Just curious if Nimiq 3 and 4 will go on the list.

This is a bit confusing, but it's on Wikipedia, so I guess it might be right:
Bell ExpressVu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nimiq 1 was launched on May 20, 1999 and contains 32 Ku-band transponders at 91° W. Nimiq 2, launched in December 29, 2002, also includes 32 K-band transponders. Nimiq 2 provides HDTV, international programming, and all newly released channels. It occupies the 82° W slot. Nimiq 3 went online on August 23, 2004. Originally called DirecTV3, it is an old DirecTV satellite moved to a new orbital slot near Nimiq 1 to offload some of the transmitting work from the original satellite. In February 2006, Nimiq 3 was moved behind Nimiq 2 to support it, while another satellite, Nimiq 4i (formerly DirecTV2), took Nimiq 3's spot behind Nimiq 1. Nimiq 4i was replaced with Nimiq 4iR as it ran out of fuel on April 28, 2007 and was de-orbited. Nimiq 4iR is temporary and will be replaced by a newly launched satellite in 2008 which will take the name Nimiq 4. Both Nimiq 3 and Nimiq 4iR feature 16 Ku-band transponders. From the time of service launch in 1997 to the switch to Nimiq in 1999, ExpressVu used the already crowded Anik E2.

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Its the same orbital slot.

Nimiq 1 and Nimiq 4 are both at 91W. Nimiq 1 is using 24 TP's and Nimiq 4 is using 8...If I remember right, Nimiq 4 is odd transponders (use to be 5,7,13,15,17,21,23,25)
Nimiq 2 & 3 are both at 82 and are set up the same way

We like to call Nimiq 3 & 4 "crapelites" because when they shifted them north to cover Canada, they cut out part of the US. So the "southern subs" of ExpressVu lost some channels. Originally on 91 it was PPV and some oddball channels (mainly duplicates of CBC, CTV & Global) but when they started messing with 82 then they lost a lot of good HD.

But since there is very few FTA channels on 91 & 82 its kinda moot ;)
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