No 921s Avl till the middle of March


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Oct 2, 2003
I went to Sear, Radio Shack and regional Super Store.

Each time I talked to the manager for the department.

Each store is a DIsh retailed, they all said they cant get 921s till the middle of March. ONe manage said they had 10 on order only to have the order QUOTE: "Pulled back" what ever that means.

What is going on? This thing came out in December.

In a few weeks we will be at March 1st when they should be out in truck loads.

Is something wrong with production or the software? Thought the bugs are being fixed.

Does anyone have any 921 that one could pick up off the shelf in time for the Super Bowl? I am sure some out there want one. Did Dish miss an other date?

Many question. Something is not right at Dishnetwork these days. . . .
Your only chance right now is to find an independent retailer. Try smaller ones that don't have long waiting lists, as they don't seem to be differentiating between little guys and big guys, they BOTH only get a trickle.

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