No Audio On Super Fan Channel 719

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Aug 11, 2006
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I am tuning into the Bills/Broncos pregame show on Super Fan channel 719 and have no audio. Every other channel is OK. Is it just me or does anyone else not get the audio also. Time here is 12:15pm HELP !!!!

If you are a Super Fan subscriber could you PLEASE check that channel for me ??
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NFL:ST has been jacked up today.

They completely blew the entire Packers/Eagles game RIGHT at the game winning kick. Like the ball was snapped and the HD and SD feeds both went black.
On a somewhat related note, I'm getting a 763 (access card has expired) message on 2 of the three late games. Anybody have any ideas about that?
Is ths happening to anyone else?

me! i just thought it was the raiders game because its in my market but i tried watching the bucs vs. seattle and that message comes up i tried resetting my receiver it still doesnt come in! the chargers .vs bears is comin in nicely! this is just for the hd feed! sd is comin in ok!
Can't get the Raiders game or SEattle game in HD. I can get SEattle-Tampa on SD. I can't get Raiders game on SD or HD. I E-mailed Direct TV Thei said it could take up to 48 hours to respond.
I am all live and good, audio too.

WOW. This is really strange as I expected, if several of us were having problems, all of us would.

Hmmm....I'll still dark on 2 of the 3 HD games.

I am getting all three of them in SD.
I too am having this problem. It all started at 12:50 pm at the end of the Pats/Jets game. Not a big deal b/c it was a blowout....but that isnt the point. So i called CS, she had me jump thru hoops, same with Tech Support, both to no avail. They said call back if it happens again. So anyways, now at 1:00, I too cannot get the Bucs/Hawks, and Lions/Raiders....but Bears/Chargers is all good. I have the same error message for those other two games as everyone else here. You would think EVERYONE would get the same error if it was a broacasting issue. My deal is, Im a new customer who is getting the free SuperFan with my 69.99 a month plan for Sunday Ticket and Premier package deal. I wonder if everyone else reporting issues are new customers as well? Or is it a mix?
Yeah, I haven't had any issues today either. All my HDs have been fine all day. The only slight issue I've had is the audio catching up on the Game Mix channel, but I don't think that's completely unusual, and it was fine after a minute or two anyway.
Well....everything is working for me now. All games...and audio. Everyone else good now?
they are coming in good now! even the raiders game which i should not be gettin!
Thanks guys, I thought it was just mine. Chicago and San Diego is fine. All th SD is fine too. Something else to make you say hmmmm.
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