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Dec 9, 2016
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Maybe I have missed a setting or something. When on my OTA system I get channel info / content when I hit the info button. When I hit the info button on my two FTA receivers I get no content what so ever.

It really sucks because when I record a show it records as the date and time. I sure wish I could figure this one out.

Any ideas?

V7 & M1HD+

That is rare this side of the pond. A couple channels offer EPG for info and such, but 99% do not.
Hum well that sucks! What about using something like this then?


I have no idea how this works yet.

As time permits and thanks to your post about EPG I found that pretty quick.

I guess I need to study some more.
use to find whats on. There is a thread on here of someone that created a shared key that lists all the channels you can get on Cband.
On many Linux based STBs, receivers running Enigma2 and PC based DVBS systems EPG can be aggregated from different data sources and propagated to the system's EPG. With this configuration you can typically have 7-10 day EPG and stamped DVR recordings. :)
Yep I have the TitanTV account and that key works great.
LPB on Titan is not always right but it beats the heck out of nothing.
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