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Sep 7, 2003
SF Bay Area, California
Got my Dish 8vsb tuner today with 6000 receiver. I get a lot of analog OTA channels fine...but no signal for any digital OTA channels....

Dish is trying to tell me I need a HDTV antenna....

I have a LARGE radio shack outdoor VHF/UHF antenna on a rotor...and get a lot of San Francisco channels here in Fremont.

Any thoughts?

You do not need an "HDTV" antenna nor a preamp, any good UHF/VHF antenna works fine for digital signals and you seem to have one. Also if you are receiving analog channels fine, then you should be receiving digital as well. Digital channels either work or not, sometimes they will be locked in and experience a dropout, that is a sign that you might need additional gain in the antenna signal strength. Bottom line is this: if you are receiving analog channels fine, without snow or ghosts, then you will receive the digital signals as well. If you are not, you have got something wrong with your set up. I take it this is your first time trying to get digital, right? Double check your setup.
Setup is fine I think....I've spent about an hour on phone with Dish ADVANCED technical help. :)

I did try individual digital channels, as well as scanning for all channels. Same result, no channels at all on digital......analogs fine though.....
(perhaps even more analogs, a few weak ones than when TV scans on antenna input)
Will probably wait until about Monday when 8vsb replacement should arrive from Dish.

In the meantime I also searched for digital signals south of me, since there are a few stations south as well. Still no digital signals on 8vsb.
Why not try a preamp before you try a new unit from dish ? I bet that its something on your end .

1. Because I'm getting really good reception on VHF and UHF analogs with the Radio Shack antenna and rotor. I can't get ANY digital signal on ANY digital station. Othters here in Fremont get multiple stations.

2. Dish has (supposedly) sent the module as of Friday. So I should probably get it on Monday. Dish also thinks receiver may be faulty.

A guy in Portland seems to have same problem as me, he can get digitals on one receiver, but not on 6000

But if I go the preamp route, which model #'s do you reccomend, and where to you connect them?


ride525 said:
But if I go the preamp route, which model #'s do you reccomend, and where to you connect them?

I'd recommend a Channel Master 7777. You can get it at Schads Electronics in San Jose.

You should be able to get channel 49 (49-2=KNTV) like gangbusters. The transmitter is right next to you.
My 8vsb module is bad.

Took receiver and module over to another 6000 and 8vsb owner. My receiver with my 8vsb does not work there (he gets 17 digital channels with his 6000 and 8vsb.)

Tried his 8vsb in my receiver, and presto 17 digitial channels! Now, I just hope that the 8vsb that Dish sends me works this time!

Thanks for your suggestions!


Lost signal & switch settings

Greetings AGAIN from Baltimore!

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