No Locals, No National Networks In RV

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Where are you (zip code)? Do you subscribe to national network feeds (i.e. do you actually have an RV account?) What happens if you enter a local channel number?
Another possibility is
a) the locals from where your at are not on the 101 Sat ...
I don't know what Sats that particular unit hits.
Do you get HD, or just SD signals ...
or b) you haven't had them activate them yet.

What zip code are you trying to get locals from and is that the zip your in ?

If your trying to get the Waco locals, the HD signal comes from the 103 Sat.
Do the channels even show in the guise?

If they show in the guide but say an error message about not being in your area or some similar message you may have traveled beyond your spot beam.

Try going to the settings and tell the system to show both HD and SD duplicates. It might help if it’s what I think it is.
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Let's assume your account is authorized for locals, what stations are you supposed to get? Your antenna gets 101 and 119, so you will only get the sd channels, not hd. Are all the connections made and are they tight? Can you check in the menu to see if you have signal strength on both the 101 and 119 satellite?
I note the OP has not replied with any more info.
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