No national HD channels in dc area?

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Sep 22, 2006
Howdy gang -

I live in the maryland a bout 20 miles from DC.

I got my 5lnb installed last week - it has been working great. I got home today from work and turnd my h20 on wanting to watch nascar in hd and some drag racing in hd but the picture was very pixled and choppy almost like there was a bad thunder storm over head but is clear outside - I checked my signal and its fine 77.

All my other channels work great even my hd locals work great, the only channels that are having the problem are the hd national ones 70 - 95. I did a reset on the h20 while on the phone with Dtv and now I have lost my guide I have to hand tune each channel.

Dtv said the have to send some one out on wednesday. anyboddy have an idea that i can try to fix the problem my self? I can get to the dish I have all the tools except for a signal meter.

Thanks for checking my post
Yep it's something on your end. National channels Dragracing was fine. NASCAR was on NBC this passt weekend so you should have seen that.
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