Did I get lucky by getting a 5lnb

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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
I live in Charleston Sc where we have to have a second single lnb dish for locals. When I upgraded last mo. to HD everyone thought I'd get the 3lnb dish but I got the 5.

I have seen 2 D* installs in my complex in the last mo and both got the 3 lnb + the single. Wondering why I got the AT9, or was it just luck.
Family and I moved to Charleston in May. D* installed the same setup you have. Cust Svc said that Charleston market would be getting HD locals in ~Sept time frame - obviously hasn't happened or even been announced. Also was told that would receive free upgrade from HR10-250...we'll see if that happens...

So not lucky, looks like they are "preparing"...
Yes, they are, I guess in preparation for the new sats.

I got the AT9 with no HD locals yet and not even scheduled. Installer said that is what they always use now for HD installs.
yeah we are no longer installing trip sat dishes. Also i heard mention that all programing on 119 will be moved to 103, this would be better for LOS issues but what will happen to the thousands of customers with existing trip sat dishes? could be just a rumor though...
What I don't get the is why two people in my area have gotten triple lnb's in the last month, doesn't make sense.
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