No signal from 119-Dishnetwork


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Sep 29, 2003
Grain Valley, Missouri
I live in a very wooded area. During the winter my signal strengths on 110 and 119 were in the mid 90's. Since the trees have leafed in my signal strength on 119 has disappeard while 110 continues to be in the mid 90's. Can someone show a drawing or picture of how the LNB shoots off the dish? Does the signal path shoot straight back or does it reflect at some angle?
You will notice that the Dish500 has a skew. The 110 satellite is higher up in the Clark Belt than what 119 is so the higher elevation of the 110 satellite gives you better odds of getting the signal over the trees than 119. When looking at the front of the reflector 110 comes in from the left side and 119 comes in from the right side. If 110 is coming in and 119 is not then you are probably pretty close to getting 119, especially considering that you had it in the winter. You may need to find a place to mount the dish higher to overshoot the trees or to get around the trees.

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