No signal on HD reciever, Standard reciever works

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Jan 28, 2005
Ok, had a storm blow through yesterday...lost service on both receivers for a few minutes but after about 10 minutes the standard receiver (D11) but the HD still says "finding satellites 0% complete". I have reset the receiver multiple times, checked the cables for loose connections, pulled the power on the receiver for 30 seconds, unplugged the incoming cable...still same thing...

Anyone have any other ideas?? Thanks, this is really frustrating! :mad:
Ok, I reset the receiver, everything. Going back through the setup I discovered a problem...for some reason the receiver comes up during the setup process and says it can only find 1 satellite. I have an Oval dish with 3 LNBs and so it should find at least 2 which explains why my D10 works fine but the H11 won't. Is this a problem with the receiver or the dish maybe knocked out of alignment just enough to mess up the H11??
Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
Sounds like it. How many storms has it survived? Maybe the tech didn't tighten the crossbolt on the top of the rear of the dish.
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