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Apr 11, 2023
Central Alabama
Hello everyone,
I am Sig, and I have a weird issue going on with my Hopper 3 Dishnetwork receiver.
On some channels, when a commercial plays there is no sound and also even some of the channels dont have sound from the program that is playing. When that happens I usually jump to next channel and then right back to channel that had no sound.
Then that channel has sound. I have my Denon 540BT audio receiver.
Has this happened to anyone else and if so what was your fix? I do understand that most of us are no fan of commercials neither am I, but the sound is the main issue, what going on with it. Is there maybe an upgrade needed from Dish or possible setting adjustment that needs to be made by us?
Sounds like an audio receiver issue. Most things will output Dolby audio but commercials are only in stereo so when your receiver gets a stereo signal it's not playing it properly. I'd connect direct to tv and see if it does it on the TV itself to. If it's fine direct to tv then it's your denon unit.
The 2nd h3 i have had a similar issue on it tv, where sound would go out, and would not come back till box was reset, I asked about it last time i had tech come over they said it "known" bug with "sap" and switching its setting back and forth from with in the sap setting fixed it.
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