NY DMA users Check your timers


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Sep 27, 2003
:eek: If you get your dish locals from DISH you can still get WCBS-HD. However 9483 is now removed. Any timers you had for it now show no programs selected. So check your timers and create new ones as needed using 6301 instead.
Can any one in LA clarify the situation there. I know that 9484 is also gone, but some said it is also gone from the 148 satellite as well.
You mean the 129 satellite. You should still have CBS-HD on 6307 if you are in the LA DMA. Otherwise, forget about it.

I meant 148. It was on both 129 and 148. Is it now only available on 129?

I assume that LA users must also adjust any timers that were set against 9484.

In NY WCBS-hd is also no longer availble except to mpeg4 capable receivers. So my 6000 has lost a channel. I would quess the same is true in LA.
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