Occasionally Check Your Amazon Browser History - Hackers Are Out There


SatelliteGuys Pro
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May 12, 2012
Central NJ
Some guy with a Russian name ordered an Android solid state drive to the tune of 373.00 dollars on my wife's Amazon Prime account. He "Sergey" even added a mailing address to my wife's account unbeknownst to her and had the drive shipped to a mailing service in Englishtown, NJ. Luckily I found this lowlife's order the day it occurred and it was still pending. We got in touch with our bank and Amazon to investigate this. Last we heard the item never got to "Sergey" because I caught it in time.

Now, "Sergey" had been browsing in my wife's Amazon account. How do I know? Well when your browse on Amazon for things, it records them. So I found the hacker Sergey was shopping around for solid state drives in her account. That's why I recommend looking at your browsing history if you use Amazon. We learned a lot from this experience. Never to keep our debit cards on file with Amazon, and use their two step verification method from now on. Thanks for reading.