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Mar 26, 2004
Since todays game is being carried exclusively on ESPNU which is not available on most providers, does anyone know where or if the feed will be available in the C-Band dish?
Feeds will not be posted in the open area. Ever.

Since I don't normally post in this forum, I don't understand your reply. Is there some written (or unwritten) policy not to provide this information? Sorry for my ignorance on this subject, but could you please explain? Thanks.
Is it permissable to say that I surfed the sats and found and was able to watch the game? If not, please delete this with my apologies. Another great win for the Buckeyes 44 - 3!
Thats OK :) You can even tell us what satellite, but we do not want exact details of feeds here, thats one way to loose them FAST!

Thanks for understanding !
On my outdated system, it was on what I call G3, ch9. Very seldom use the BUD anymore, but it sure does come in handy on occasion.
Many probally wish they had Dish Network, Direct TV or a BUD today.... the only local cable system here in Columbus to carry ESPNU would be insight cable which only services part of town and they carry it in a high end Digital Tier.
Please reply by conversation.

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