On-Demand from H3 has limited choices but mobil app has all

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  1. Hi All,
    I've noticed that when I look for old episodes of shows in the On-Demand menu there are a limited number of episodes to download, however if I look for the same show on my phone's Dish app (logged in as the same account) I can see and watch all of the episodes.Example, if i go to On-Demand from my Hopper 3, go to browse by channel, History Channel, and then look at the "Ice road truckers" episodes I only see options to download episodes from the current season. If I look on the Dish app on my Android phone i can download and watch any episode from all seasons. No matter what channel or what show i look at there are more episodes to download from my phone app than my H3.

    Does anyone know how to see the same episodes on the H3 that are listed in the phone app?
  3. Yes, I missed a few early episodess of a few shows this summer and when I went to look on On Demand, episode 1 was missing on all of them. Never thought of looking at Dish Anywhere....
  4. The on demand offerings are different due to what the networks make available. This has always been this way. You should have several thousand on demand options on the H3, and about 100,000 on DA. Storage is another reason for that.
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    The VOD is downloaded from the internet. I would think that the links to the various episodes would take up very little storage space on the Hopper3. After all the links show up with Dish Anywhere with very little storage space.

    I also have a problem believing that the networks are not allowing the links to be displayed on the Hopper3. If the network was limiting Dish you would think that the limitation would also apply to Dish Anywhere.

    I am guessing that the limitation is probably due to the Guide software. You can see that No cast or crew info is available for the shows.
  6. Nearly 1 TB is used in a Dish partition and most of that is the Vod library.
  7. Then how does Dish Anywhere display all the episodes on a 8 GB phone?
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  8. Dish servers house DA on the WWW, whereas receivers library housed on satellite and partionsions of the hard drive. Streaming vs downloading.
  9. That is what I meant when I said that the VOD library for episodes is just links to an internet server. The links take up very little space. Now when you select a VOD it downloads to the Hopper3. The downloaded program takes up a lot of space. The actual library links should not take up much space.

    Dish probably reserves the partition to store the downloaded VOD that the user selects.

    I am just guessing so I don’t actually have any info.
  10. A link to download a file will only take up a few KB of room, I would also guess that the links refresh (download) when you click on the icon. I don't believe that the issue would be space on the H3 drive.
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  11. Content owners have vice-grips on the use of their content. A licence to stream vs. download vs. record are all different animals, which require a separate agreement and cost. That is why there are some things you can stream online, but not download, watch on your phone but not your TV, record on your DVR and stuff that won't record (think SiriusXM and their recent clampdown on recording to the DVR).

    Streaming on DA is always going to be cheaper than VOD on the DVR, hence there are more titles available.
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  12. Yep you beat me to it. Streaming, downloading etc are different to the program owners and are therefore treated differently.
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  13. DA also act as a porthole that will redirect you to the actual channels online site. That means when you're redirected to the actual channels online site you have access to far more of that channels library then you do with the VOD via your Dish set top box. the dish satellite box does not redirect to the actual channels website where that channel has far more programming available for streaming. I believe the dish VOD for specific channels for downloading on to the dish stb is via servers at dish, not a redirect to the actual Channel's website.
  14. Thanks to everyone for the information.
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