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Feb 9, 2010
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ok i have a hd dvr i run a line from my cable modem to a 5 port ethernet dock an run 1 line to the pc an i have a conection also run a 50 foot line to the dvr no connection so i trouble shot it my self an ran the line from my modem straight to the hddvr an still no connection detected so the great customer service from direct tv says i need to connect via a wireless router hmmmm no brainer here if i can get a connection threw a direct line why would a router do it for me so please help me out here must be missing a trick or something to connect


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Feb 6, 2007
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You do not need to use a wireless router. Is your ethernet "dock" a router or a switch? if it is a switch, you may need to cycle the power on the cable modem to get an IP address sent to the DVR. Does the DVR say it has an IP address? Does your ISP limit the number of IP addresses you can have?

GL, Eric
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