? on H20 and HDMI output

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May 2, 2005
Hilliard, OH
No it has not! Research done show's both views. It depends on who did the testing and what results they want. Look at all testing just not the ones you choose to believe. See for your self. And I am not talking Monster cable, but other s like IXOS, Wireworld. I had the same mind set before I tried the better cables. My wife saw the different and I didnot even tell her I switched cables. She just asked if I did something to the TV because the picture was better.


Aug 28, 2005
dervari said:
They can make a difference in analog, yes. But it's been proven by research that a $30 HDMI cable is as good as the Monster $300 cable.

Or an even less expensive HDMI cable at monoprice dot com. Good quality and great price.

My receiver (h20) is HDMI and my TV is DVI. What kind of cable do I need? Any help is appreciated.

Monoprice and others also offer DVI-HDMI adapters and cables that are HDMI on one end and DVI on the other. Just don't go spending big bucks.


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Mar 6, 2005
HDMI vs. Component

I initially hooked up my Panny 50" plasma to the H20 using the HDMI. I was disappointed to see the colors appear washed out big time! I then switched to component connections and the color returned to where it was when I had an HDMI VOOM connection serviced by Rainbow.

I haven't seen much discussion about the comparison and so I thought it was a fluke with my system, specifically the H20 HDMI port. You may want to forgo the HDMI because you may end up like me . . . with an unused HDMI cable that cost ~$100.


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Jun 24, 2004
Minnesota, USA
Each connection to your TV may/probably holds a different calibration. I hooked up via component, then switched to HDMI (DVI). After messing with the settings, I've got it looking virtually identical to the component input...but not close enough. Each TV is different: some look better with HDMI (properly configured) and some look better with component (properly configured).


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Jan 11, 2006
daddyscooltv said:
Hi all this is my first post here. I am scheduled for my install next Saturday for my H20 and my question is does the H20 come with a HDMI cable in the box or do I need to go and buy a HDMI to DVI cable. I need the DVI part to hook to my older sony tv. Do you think I would be better off using the hdmi to dvi cable on my older tv or just use the componet cables that I have.
Thanks in advance,
HDMI or HDMI to DVI cables are not included with the H20 (both are included with the HR10-250 HD/DVR though).


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Apr 17, 2005
Phoenix1 said:
HDMI or HDMI to DVI cables are not included with the H20 (both are included with the HR10-250 HD/DVR though).
I was not home when my HR10-250 HD/DVR was installed and it wasn't until some weeks later that I was looking for an HDMI cable in the box and noticed it wasn't there. The box indicated that it was included so I called DirecTV and was told by one of their technical people that the HDMI cable was not included. My guess is the installer probably took it with him as he did not use it to hook up my HD/DVR if what you say is true.
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