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Oct 20, 2009
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Hi folks. I just picked up an Openbox s10 and a DMX741. It is replacing a Geosatpro C2 and a Sonicview 8000 receiver. I have it hooked up with good results so far, though I miss a few of the features of the Sonicview to be honest, especially when trying to fine tune signals and being able to set up the motor and scan from the same screen. I don't think the menuing system on this box is as mature as the Sonicview.

I'm having a couple of problems that I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on.

I can’t get the DMX 741 to switch from C-band to KU using the internal 22k switch. Everything is hooked up correctly. I know that there was a problem with 22k switching on some of the firmware releases for the s10. Mine appears to be flashed with the July 1 release. Does anyone know if any specific firmware release for this receiver has the 22k switch working? If that hasn't been solved yet I guess I'll just go back to the Sonicview until it is.

[FONT=&quot]Another oddity: It appears that some satellites scan in duplicate TPs on both horizontal and vertical. For example I have two sets of identical TPs on 87w, one vertical and the other horizontal. The weird thing is that it only happens on a few satellites.
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Apr 13, 2007
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When in antenna setup...say you are on 91W C, change sat to 91W Ku, on that screen set 22KHz to on. It don't switch the sat in the setup when you turn 22KHz to on.
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