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Apr 24, 2019
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Last week the Orby TV satellite system was professionally installed at my shop. The install was performed by a MasTec subcontractor, who is based in Sacramento, CA. The standard $150 install consisted of an Orby TV 18x27" dish, Aspen diplexer and a 6 element OTA antenna with approximately 75' of RG-6 dual shield copper clad steel coax. The dish was wall mounted and no extra hardware or custom services were requested.

There was a one week delay due to the regional contractor not having received the Orby TV dish/antenna kit from Mastec. Received a reminder text message and a voice message on the day before the scheduled install that my "DirecTV" install was scheduled between 8am - 12 noon. LOL!!! I knew better, but guess the local subcontractor needs to update their automated notification systems!

On scheduled day, I awoke to discover an overnight snowfall, so called the toll free number and told the scheduler that roof access would not be advised that AM, so they rescheduled for the following day between 12 noon and 5pm. Received a text and voicemail later that afternoon reminding me of the scheduled "DirecTV" install scheduled the next day.... LOL, love these notification systems! The installer was not notified of the cancellation, but he called around 12 noon and indicated that he was about an hour out. I told him about the snow on he pitched roof and he was happy to reschedule. He indicated that this was his first Orby TV install and asked if I had received my equipment. No I had not, so suggested that he check with his scheduler.

The next day the Installer called at about 1pm and indicated that he was on the way and had the dish/antenna kit that had been driven-up the night before by a representative of the local company contracted by Mastec, located a few hours away. He arrived as scheduled and did a quick survey of the proposed install location and cable run. He had a Birdog meter, but not programmed for 117w and no OTA meter. I offered for him to use a Dr. HD 1000+ sample and he was happy to use it! Showed him the satellite spectrum analyzer and the automatic satellite ID functions and also that he could aim the OTA antenna with the terrestrial spectrum display. I think that this job made a sale! LOL!!!

He assembled the dish and mount in the parking lot and I helped him rope up the supplies from he ground. Took him about 45 minutes to mount, install, aim the dish / terrestrial antenna and another 1/2 hour to do the coax run. I stayed back and didn't direct the install or interfere in any way. I wanted to see how the install would go without my "snupervision"... Once done outside, he came into the office and did a OTA channel scan, checked the Satellite and terrestrial signal readings. He needed to submit the STB SIM # and the LNBF serial number as proof of install.

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My impression of the install and hardware is mostly favorable. The little install glitches seemed to be due to the local company and installer not providing the customer with a unified and organized Orby TV experience. While this is a new service, I would suggest that Orby TV and Mastec quickly review their processes and workflow to be sure that the booked local company and installers are properly prepared to represent Orby TV. Installers need an overview on the equipment, meter requirements and activation process. Everyone in the flow-down subcontracted process needs to represent the Orby TV service, have the required equipment on hand, the required meters (programmed) to not only complete, but to optimize the installation.

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If not for the use of the sample Dr. HD meter, I don't see how this install would have been completed without numerous trips to the roof or the customer assisting with watching a signal on the TV screen and assisting the technician with signal call-outs to the roof for both the satellite and OTA antenna aiming. Either way, the install would not have come off very timely or done in a professional manner.

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The Orby TV equipment was delivered to the installer in a single carton with protective foam material. The dish and mount are both very good quality hardware. The mount has skew and elevation setting scales. The mount could be improved by adding fine-tuning mechanism. The installer had some issue optimizing the elevation setting using only the lock nuts providing friction to make small movements. No different than the issues that we often deal with on FTA gear, but most subscription mounts have elevation fine-tuning resulting faster installs and happier installers. :biggrin

The dish mast is standard 2" heavy duty j-pole with a large foot plate. The package did not include masts support arms, but the installer observed that the combo dish and OTA antenna needed more support. He installed a spare mast support arm from an extra DirecTV package in his truck. I would suggest that the support arm(s) be included as standard equipment with all kits. This would likely reduce future tech rolls for dish realignment.

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The dish/antenna kit included a 1" L shaped raw aluminum mast for the OTA antenna. The OTA mast is attached to the dish mast using a single smooth u-bolt and butted against each other with no "toothbite" hardware. I can see the OTA antenna easily spinning out of alignment with little more than a stiff gust of wind. There needs to be a better solution developed for mounting the OTA antenna.

My OTA install location is fringe and in advance I had the expectation of zero OTA channels received with the small antenna and the loss introduced by a diplexer. I purchased the service with this expectation, but realize that I am definitely not their typical customer as I have realistic expectations... LOL!!! To my surprise, 4 OTA channels are reliably received from two frequencies. With that said, I believe the Orby TV service would be best served by advertising, educating and offering an upgrade OTA antenna and install package for fringe reception areas. This could be a great up sell for local installers if promoted as a cord cutting option.

Is the $150 install worth the cost? In my opinion, it is a great deal for not only the hardware, but to also have professional installation with a warranty. The install includes a high quality dish and linear LO 10750 voltage switching polarity LNBF with optimized scalar, a heavy duty AZ/EL mount, adequate 2" mast, OTA antenna (suitable for suburbia), short stand off OTA mast, a diplexer and distribution.

[can somebody show me some pics of everything that is needed to install the Orby satellite and to have it up and running properly. Nobody seems to know anything in my area(memphis). Does it come with a power supply? I was able to get it to 82% and it’s not showing anything. I would like to have a how-to-install video because I can find anything. And Orby customers service is no help. I just need to know if I have everything. ]
As we have posted, self installs should only be attempted if one has experience. Orby TV does not support DIY as they sell the service with professional install requirement. Many of us have self installed as we have the correct dish, LNBF, meters and satellite install knowledge and experience.

Start a new thread, rather than use a Professional Install thread and we will see what equipment you have and might be able to provide some DIY pointers.
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I have tried to install orby and I’m not having any luck. Everybody just says “it’s easy” but that’s not the answer I need. I can’t find a video to help with the installation. Nor can I find somebody that knows how to do so. Orby even said “it’s an easy setup” but nothing is said on how to do so or what all tools I need. I need help. At least a list of everything that I’m supposed to have with be a great help because I have installed direct tv, dish, and Comcast before. Can anybody help me with a install video or a install kit with all the tools? Does it take a power supply or does the power comes from the dvr?
There are no videos or step by step instructions. The satellite is 116.8w and the aiming coordinates are calculated using dishpointer.com website or with a smartphone app.

Tell us more about the location and equipment that you are attempting to install.

What is the dish Elevation and compass reading that you are aiming the dish?

What is the LNBF or dish skew (rotation) setting in degrees? Clockwise or Counterclockwise when standing in front of the dish?

What is the receiver brand, model?

What is the dish brand, model? Post a photo?

What is the LNBF brand, model? LO Frequency? Circular or Linear polarity? Post a photo?

Single run of coax from the receiver to the dish or are there splitters or switches inline?

What installation tools do you have?

Using the Signal Meter in the receiver menu screen or using a Satellite Meter? If you have a meter, brand and model? Is satellite 116.8 (117w) preloaded in the meter? If so, what transponder is selected?

If using the satellite receiver's signal meter, do you have a TV set-up beside the dish where you can watch the meter readings as the dish is SLOWLY moved? Is the Signal meter reading that you mentioned above the top meter reading or the bottom meter reading?
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[can somebody show me some pics of everything that is needed to install the Orby satellite and to have it up and running properly. Nobody seems to know anything in my area(memphis). Does it come with a power supply? I was able to get it to 82% and it’s not showing anything. I would like to have a how-to-install video because I can find anything. And Orby customers service is no help. I just need to know if I have everything. ]


You need 1 ku dish with a Standard linear LNB that has a LO of 10750
A good dish would be the 75cm Andrew Channel Master Type 750 Antenna
You can get it from this link DirecTV Dish Network 10" 14" offset ka ku TX/RX L band 16" 18" inch 20" 24 inch 30" 36 inch dish satellite
A good lnb would be the Eagle Aspen 270-KU
You will need a feed horn to fit the c120 fang on the lnb. Google is your friend on these items..

The above items for the dish will likely cost you north of $500 retail!! You can likely order a FTA KU dish kit that has a LNB with the 10750 LO from one of the FTA vendors for cheaper than parting a dish together, I have no idea as far as part numbers on this new stuff as I use old school stuff..

You will need a Satellite Meter and Satellite Inclinometer for pointing the dish.. These items will cost you about $750 shipped do not buy a birdog brand meter as it does not work with DVBS2! You need the Horizon brand.. The birdog is a OEM product for perfect10 and is crippled!
I recommend a horizon meter. Horizon HD-S2 Satellite Meter DVBS2 VSAT HDS2
I recommend this inclinometer. www.amazon.com/Satellite-Inclinometer-Compass-Survey-Tandem/dp/B01H2W1ZPM

Once you have the dish installed and pointed you will need to get the signal into the house you will need the following items.

You need two ground block/surge protectors one for OTA and one for the satellite www.amazon.com/TII-Broadband-Satellite-Lightning-Protector/dp/B0016AIYU6
You need 2 split bolts.. www.amazon.com/CIMPLE-CO-Grounding-Conductors-Manufactured/dp/B07F7WYMTG/
You need some cable with a solid copper center for the indoor runs.. www.amazon.com/QUAD-SHIELD-Coaxial-CERTIFIED-INSTALLTION-Satellite/dp/B072MWFN53/
You will need some direct burial cable with a solid copper center for the underground runs.. www.amazon.com/LOGICO-Shield-Direct-Satellite-COAXIAL/dp/B071PF5V7J/
You will need some ground wire.. www.amazon.com/PHAT-SATELLITE-INTL-Electrical-Protection/dp/B07M8DZW1R/
You need some cable fittings for the cable.. www.amazon.com/Digicon-F-Type-Coaxial-Compression-Connector/dp/B00LFWR2LM/
You need a prep tool. www.amazon.com/CablePrep-Drop-Stripping-Tool-Stop/dp/B009692BJE/
You need a compression tool.. www.amazon.com/Belden-Snap-N-Seal-Coaxial-Compression-RG-59/dp/B00STY1JRW/
If you are running more than one IRD you will need a satellite splitter or multiswitch.. I use a multiswitch because it has a diplexer built in... www.amazon.com/Eagle-Aspen-DTV3X4-DirecTV-Approved-Multiswitch/dp/B0007WWI2O/
You need a OTA antenna.. www.amazon.com/Channel-Master-CM-4228HD-High-Antenna/dp/B000FVVKQM/
You need a mast for the OTA antenna. www.amazon.com/Winegard-DS-3000-Pipe-Mount-Antennas/dp/B001DFS49U/
You need cable screw clips. NEVER STAPLE COAX LINE!!! www.amazon.com/Single-Black-Mounting-Strain-Relief/dp/B077QH8R9G/
You need some 75 ohm terminators www.amazon.com/Type-75-Ohm-Terminator-Pack/dp/B000AAN76Y/

You will need basic hand tools for example a drill and drill bits some nut drivers, cutters, screwdrivers, shovel, post hole digger ect ect..

And you will need your ORBY IRDs.. You get them from best buy or target..

Scroll to the 116.8 satellite in the satellite meter then go to the location option in the meter and put your zip code in it will tell you how to set the dish geometry. Use the Inclinometer to check for a clear LOS to the spacecraft once you know you have a clear LOS from your selected location dig a hole set the pole for the satellite and no less than 80lbs of concrete in the hole.. Use some 3/4 electrical PVC to make a weed eater guard that starts about 6" AGL and extends past the concrete. let the concrete dry set your satellite on the pole and set the geometry and align the dish. Run the direct burial cable along with a ground wire up through the PVC to the LNB and and dish bracket. Ground the bracket and connect the LNB.. Run the other end of the wire to the house near the electrical box run the ground through the lug on the ground block and connect the loose end to the grounding electrode conductor with the split bolt. Run the H and V lines to the H and V input of the multiswitch. Go to www.tvfool.com and enter your information figure out what local channels you want and select a mounting location for your OTA. Mount your OTA antenna mast and the OTA antenna then align OTA antenna with the inclinometer. Connect a coax and a ground wire to the OTA antenna and mast and run the lines down to the same place you ran the satellite lines to, Run the ground wire through the OTA ground block and split bolt the lose end to the grounding electrode conductor run the coax from the OTA ground block to the VHF UHF input of the multiswitch. Run a coax from the multiswitch to each IRD in the house. Remember to only use the direct burial coax for the underground runs and use the standard coax for every thing else. Use the 75 ohm terminators to cap off any ports you are not using on the multiswitch.

Fire up the Orby IRD and follow the onscreen directions, sub the IRDs on www.orbytv.com

In this text I covered how to get both H and V signals into the house.. Orby only uses a single polarity but if your asking how to do this then its best if you just hook up both lines.. In the future if they ever start using both polarities you will be ahead of the game.

Pat your self on the back you just dropped over 1k on what you could have paid MasTec $150 to do!! But I don't blame you for not wanting MasTec in your house I would burn my house down before I let them in it!!!! My hate for MasTec has more to do with the company than the people who work there, MasTec screwed me out of about 30k when we were doing contract work for them. This install is not for the faint of heart most of us have been working in satellite for years! If you need a installer in TN I can likely help you out I worked for a DirecTV group out of TN for quite a few years, I am sure some one up there can do this.. If not I can look for a HAM Radio guy up there this is well within their court.
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Some of the amazon links are broken I am trying to get them fixed..
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At the end of the day what I have speced here is better than a MasTec install.. Both the TVRO antenna and the OTA antenna have more gain that what is provided on the OrbyTV/MasTec install.. I have no issue with rain fade on my .75 Channel Master dish and I can pull other feeds off the bird if I wanted to..

Its just that most people do not have the tools to do this job. When I was doing SatCom for a living most of the people who hated DirecTV/USSB was the people who installed it them self and just botched the install. I have seen every thing from using RG58 or RG59 with ACE hardware F-Connectors crimped with pliers to people mounting the dish on a wooden fence and not a single one of the self installs were ever grounded.

It was quite common for us to install Channel Master dishes for DirecTV customers in the 90s hell even DirecTV did not offer that but my customers could watch TV in tropical weather.
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If you've been in the hobby for awhile, know what your doing and have a satellite meter Orby is an easy install. If you just buy the receiver and dish and want to set it up without knowing what your doing it's going to be very difficult for you. Back in the day when the first Directv systems came out a fair amount of people self installed and that was a lot easier as it had circular polarization which removed the skewing of the LNBF that has to be done with Orby. For what they are charging for a professional install you would be better off going that route if you have never played with FTA systems before.
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