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Nov 9, 2006
About 10 days ago, the SD Orlando local stations were removed, and I cannot find a signal for the HD versions.

I've wasted enough time trying to increase the signal strength on various satellites and transponders, without even knowing which one I'm looking for.

Someone who receives the Orlando stations from the Western Arc, please tune to some of the stations, and go to your "Point Dish" screen, and tell me what satellite and transponder/spotbeam they are coming from. You don't need to check every single station. If you can look up, maybe WESH, WEFS, WTMO, and WACX, that should be enough to get me going.

Before anyone asks why I don't do this myself, well, there may be certain receivers where that might work. But, on the model I have, this method works only on channels that have a signal. If I go to a channel that has Signal Loss, the "Point Dish" screen still displays the satellite and transponder of the last channel that was successfully received.

If anyone happens to know where the Orlando stations are at on the Eastern Arc, that would be good to know, too. Just in case I end up having too many obstructions to find a steady signal from WA. Thanks!
While not in Orlando, I cross-referenced the information on lyngsat.com and jameslong.name to make an educated guess.

For EA, Orlando is on 61.5 transponders 22/24/32, all of these belonging to spotbeam 11.
For WA, Orlando seems to be on 129 transponders 5/13/15, these belonging to spotbeam 53.

These numbers should be accurate as of 4/15, but given the massive channel changes being done on WA nowadays I wouldn’t be surprised if the WA/129 transponders are inaccurate, even after only 2 days.
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Thanks for looking there, but those two websites are extremely out of date. They both claim that the SD channels are still up, and Lyngsat even claims that they're still in MPEG-2, even though that has been untrue for several months.

I don't know what makes you think that Lyngsat is up-to-date, as of April 15th. Thanks for trying to help, tho.
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