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  1. I came across an interesting site that has OTA TV antennas, SW antennas, and interesting vintage photos of antennas, radios, etc. A nice mix of the retro and modern. They also sell TV antennas. If you Google Godar USA you'll find their site. Their shortwave antenna looks interesting.
  3. I think I have seen this site once before. A very basic website, but you get the impression it's a real engineer that runs the company, not a bunch of marketing folks. I also think it's quaint that they sell VCRs.
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  4. cool
  5. I think those dates for BetaMax production are way off. Sony stuck with the format longer than that.
  6. I remember Betamax being touted as superior to other VHS formats. Kind of miss going to the local video shop for tapes. We had a place called Video Jones in Stroudsburg, PA that had videos for rent. Placed smelled of popcorn because they'd pop it for customers. Anyone remember their favorite video store?
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  7. Advocates of a losing format always insist it was better.
  8. Teens that work at McDonald's couldn't belive what a VCR was it was so funny, then they call a N.E.S video game a NES.
  9. Beta unquestionably had better PQ and less stress on the tape.

    I think VHS won because it had longer time, enough for a football game (who'd want to watch it later?); and porn.
  10. When the Porn industry settled on VHS, it was the death knell for BetaMax.
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  11. or a record
    or a cassette tape
    or a 8 track
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  12. Rotary phone...
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  13. Who here remembers when recordings were made on wires?
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  14. You mean Colonel Hogans sewing kit :biggrin

  15. I have and use rotary phone. Works great.
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  16. I remember 78 rpm records also 16 rpm records.
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  17. Alright- who used wax cylinders? ;)
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  18. I know someone that had a player that played those little rollers. I also had an uncle that owned a victrola.
  19. When channel master was mad in. The USA and had 2inputs 7777 amp
  20. I remember using a finishing nail to get the old victorola's pickup cartridge to work with 78 rpm records!
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