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  1. Yet vinyl keeps coming back like a bad penny.
  3. What's up with 78,, don't have nothing to do with tv antennas u are on the roung trend ??
  4. Occasionally threads wander off a bit. Thank you for keeping us on the straight and narrow.
  5. When I worked in a Radio-TV-Appliance shop back in the '60's we used a cardboard test record that you used to determine whether the record player was running at the right speed. Most times when they were off it was because the spindles had crud buildup.
  6. Was this a grooved record or a strobe disc like they used to sell at Radio Shack? I'm surprised that it took them so long to put strobe markings on the platter and mount the neon lamp.


    I bought one of these bad boys in college and discovered that my "chain-drive turret lathe" was turning at least 10% fast.
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  7. Use one on my c&c get a real bike lol
  8. Yeah, that's the one harshness.
  9. Ha did u get that low vhf yet!!!!!
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