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    One of the local TV station carries Heroes & Icons on a sub channel. I've kind of gotten into the All Star Trek they show in the evenings (when there's nothing else on - this can certainly fill the void). But often times I lose my signal to that station. Wondering if H&I is streaming anywhere or any place I can get it on my Roku if the OTA signal goes out?

    I also have Comet TV on another station, and I can stream Comet on my Roku if the signal goes out.

    Any hopes for H&I to do this as well?

    Then this got me to thinking... maybe there are other common subchannels that maybe nobody carries in my area that also stream or have Roku channels. Any comprehensive list any where?
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    add the Stirr app and you can stream all the Sinclair owned subchannels, like Comet, Charge, TBD, Stadium and a bunch of other stuff all from a single app.


    Pluto TV may have things of interest also via their app.

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