OTA Sports recording time not extended by 60 minutes


May 16, 2009
Jax, FL
Several times I have been frustrated by missing the last part of a Sunday afternoon NFL game. I have found that if I record the OTA source rather than the satellite source, that's when I run into trouble. I like to use the OTA source to save tuners for all the stuff my wife records.

I remembered to check this afternoon and edited the timer, twice to be sure, and added 60 minutes to the recording time. The default was 0 minutes, even though it was a sports event. I could verify the extended time when I edited and saved the timer, but when I looked at the list of timers and highlighted the game, the end time listed on the right side of the window was unchanged. I think that's what happened, but I'm not real sure now.

At any rate, I missed the Jaguars comeback in the last two minutes today, and was not a happy camper. I'm going to use the satellite signal to record NFL games until I get this figured out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Oct 4, 2012
Littleton, CO
There is a known issue in the system for OTA channels not recording correctly. It is showing that it has been corrected and has an estimated released date of 12/9/14

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