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Apr 20, 2004
I know this is often asked but I had to go there......

BTW I ordered VOOM last week after several months of indecision. I figured what the hell its free and NO risk, Ill try anything once. I also want to throw some props to all of you for the info, it was huge in my decision to finally do it.

I have Charter analog (77 channels) cable and E* so even if voom sucks I will not be left in the cold.

Well on to my question the tech will be out on monday and after talking to some dealers here I have been informed that I am in a unique situation here (grand Rapids MI) in that this is supposedly the only place in the country that had to have a special antenna made to be able to receive the HD OTA signal. My stations are at 266°, 157°, 159°, 267°, 342°, 163°, & 160°, as you can see we are talking 3 totally different directions plus to top it off the antennas are all 30 miles from the city. *forgot to say that some are VHF and some UHF

The guys said that winegard makes a "special antenna" just for grand rapids but it is like 250$ plus install if any. I understand voom will go like 65$ but has anyone run into this situation before and been able to get more money or get a better antenna thrown in. I know this was a long question but thanks.

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