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I see that someone resposed to an old post! saying that the Starz's Retroplex, movieplex & Indieplex

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Apr 12, 2006
Is it true that Starz will adding retroplex, movieplex & Indieplex all in HD? on channels 532-534?
As far as I know this is just a piece of speculation, DirecTv and Starz have just signed a new contract and often these result in new channels although there has been no mention of that in any of the press releases as far as I know


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Jul 30, 2007
Given that the reports stated AT&T can back out of the new agreement if the Lionsgate purchase of Starz falls through, I wouldn't expect to see any additions, if at all, until after that sale goes through. I doubt they want to add them only to pull them later. That'd be a PR nightmare.

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