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  1. likely. Feels like a memories_of_mojo moment.
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  3. DTV is ATSC A/53. It is not a subset of it.
    A TiVo that does ATSC 3.0 does not exist. Further, because TiVo has done away with video and audio inputs, you probably won't be able to adapt a TiVo to record programming delivered through ATSC 3.0.

    A chipset to support ATSC 3.0 isn't widely available (if at all) and as such a set-top box that implements ATSC 3.0 isn't practical at this point in time. The most advanced TiVos on the market support only up to h.264 compression.
    OFDM isn't just the mobile part. ODFM used for OTA broadcast of ATSC 3.0. h.265 is the one and only video compression scheme and without support for h.265 and ODFM, you don't have a device that will handle ATSC 3.0.
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  4. It does present an opportunity to inform the community on what ATSC 3.0 is and isn't. In that, it may be a useful learning tool even if not everyone is compelled by documented facts.
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  5. Don't think so. We have an opportunity to share our knowledge and we have done that. Trying to jam it down people's throats just makes us look bad.

    Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig - Heinlein.
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  6. Well I gess u are rong we have Ben useing ATSC for TV OTA cents the1950,The ATSC you are thinking of is this mobile ATSC,and that is what the FCC is testing to see if it mess is with ,reg TV,broadcasting I hope not or visevers on the mobile part .
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  7. Come on now mojo,,,,,the trols are geetting parity deep time to get out the boots. For now!!! 3.0,IS mobile thanks and only mobile devices can only receive it ?
  8. Again you don't have a clue. The USA used NTSC analog until the switch to digital and ATSC 1.0. See the 1.0 part. It is not compatible with ATSC 3.0 and 3.0 consists of many parts not just possible mobile reception.


    Now to add a 2nd annoying person to my ignore list.
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  9. Me azzzz well no great loss!!!!have a grate day!!!!
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    OK now ATSC, what's the MHZ;is it low,or hi vhf,or is it UHF ??
    And are all the towers set up are they all set up and reddy to
    Go broadcasting!! Testing in progress for 3.0 .
    And how well will it work white house FCC Ethernet Pervaders
    With no caps on how much they can change for it ,it's time to boycott???
    Before it gets started in to deep time to vote ? & stop the FCC before it's to late !
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  11. Now I know without a doubt why spell check was invented.
  12. Someone already answered this for you before. ATSC is all 3, Lo VHF, Hi VHF and UHF. It's not a frequency, it's a standard set forth for digital TV. Look up ATSC on Wikipedia, or somewhere of your choice.
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  13. That's what sets simple spelling checkers apart from more comprehensive grammar checkers.
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  14. I've definitively answered this question already. Apparently you didn't get it.

    ATSC modulation standards are like NASCAR car standards. Back in the day, cars had to be homologated stock models (NTSC). Then along came restrictor plates and spoiler restrictions on cars that were at least shaped like their front wheel drive factory counterparts (DTV). Since 2008 we have the "Car of Tomorrow" (ATSC 3.0) that runs on gasohol and isn't really identifiable as any factory produced automobile outside of the wrap decorations.

    The "bandwidth" that all of these cars run on is still the race track. NTSC, DTV and ATSC 3.0 all drive on the same asphalt (although the track has narrowed with the introduction of each).
  15. I know have bad spelling sometimes and some bad grammar but at least I make the attempt to make a sentence. Are you texting on a phone or are you on a computer? Please type out a regular sentence people will take you more seriously when you do. Are you trying to be like Bob Dylan or Ozzy Osbourne they sound the same when they run their words together. When you go for job interview do you do the same thing? You sound smarter when you put an actual sentence together. I didn't want to say anything but it's getting dumb. Let's get back to talking about OTA tv.
  16. How do you block an individual person so that you don't see any of his posts or any reference to them?
  17. larry click on his profile and click on where it says ignore.
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  18. I talk to people almost DAILY at work who are FED up with paying $100 + for television and getting dozens of channels they NEVER watch.

    When I tell them about ANTENNA they are like "What?" "What is that?" This is mostly younger folks... and I'm only 49, but, I'm like "This is what I watched when I was young and we couldn't afford cable.....".

    Then I mention just get an antenna and use your Roku and maybe if you really NEED extra you can add Sling and you will have plenty. Add a Tivo and you can even record your antenna TV.
  19. Thanks, Dan!
  20. Your welcome no problem.
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