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Jul 20, 2005
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In order to beat the "owned" vs. "leased" deadline of March 1, we got one of the few remaining R10's from Value Electronics in February, but activated it in March. Despite very specific and detailed discussion and reciprocal assurance by the DirecTV CSR that the revever was being activated as "owned" it showed up as "leased" when first billed. We called D* and were assured it was changed, then got a call that we had called the "wrong department" and had "to call back." Of course, I had never asked for a "department," but had just told the menu that we wanted to talk to a live person. Apparently, "live person" is "the wrong department."

You have to talk to the "installation" department to correct this error.

It's now correctly listed.

Although it does not really change our monthly cost, we are saved from both an extra service commitment and the brain damage of ever having to return a piece of equipment we bought in the first place.

As you guys have taught me hundreds of times on this Forum, persistence pays with DirecTV Customer "Service."

How do "lease" customers give their equipment back, anyway? Does someone come and get it or do you have to mail it back to someone or someplace at D*? Bummer. And what does D* do with it?


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Jan 2, 2006
I just subscribed to D* under their lease program. I wasn't overly excited about signing a contract, but the 0 out of pocket expense combined with the same monthly cost and the fact they fix it if it's broke makes it "okay". Again, I still hate signing contracts, I think it's more psychological then anything as I'm sure I will be with them for more than my contract length.

All that being said, I had E* in the past who I hated. The return of equipment varies. If you lease/sign-up direct through them, they send you pre-paid boxes for all your receivers and the LNB and you have to mail back within X number of days. If you used a local retailer I understand you can return the equipment to them in lieu of mailing it in.

I imagine D* would work similar. Who knows what they do with the returns, probably refurbish them and put them back in use.
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