PAC-12 Still in Limbo?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Support Forum' started by Andrew Sullivan, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Anything new with the contract dispute with the PAC-12 Network or are they still blaming each other for unfair demands?
  3. Not even talking.
  4. I spoke to a Loyalty person yesterday and was told that a new contract should be signed in February
  5. Good luck with that ....

    More than likely, IF they ever agree, you would think it would shortly before the new football season, not in the middle or end of a season
  6. There are two dead horses that folks just insist on continuing to beat. Pac-12 and NBCS Philly.

    Time to let both of them rest in peace. Unless either of them come crawling to ATT/DTV, I don't see it happening. Both have never been available so it's not like something's been taken away from subs.

    Anyone that would have left because of them, left a long time ago. There's literally zero incentive for DTV to carry either of them at this point.
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  7. They will say anything to get you to stay.
  8. Every so often what is rumored actually is more than a rumor. Remember when the first post was made about the new DVR coming down the pike? At first it was strongly denied right here on Satellite Guys by several people. It was even labeled something like the SR-17. Then it was said it would only be used in certain non public applications. These denials went on for months. That same DVR is now proclaimed by DirecTV to be the great new innovation in home entertainment. So now I'm having the Genie 2 installed in two days.
  9. You got lied to twice dude. The HS17 is a downgrade... solely client based and they won't let it pair with other receiver. No thank you.
  10. I just spoke with a lady that got one installed recently, she hates it and iplanning to call back and try to get her old stuff back ....
    Will they do that ?
  11. I'll try my best to give you a review based on my years experience with the HR-54 and 4K setup being replaced. 7 tuners will be nice and I do not need to pair with another receiver so that won't be a concern. I have been told that the 17 has a faster response time than the 54. I think the 17 has twice the hard drive space also. I'll try and be open minded.
  12. 7 tuners is not what your thinking, 2 are designated for 4k, NOT available when 4k is not being used.

    MOST subs have no idea about processor speed and whatnot, as long as it works.

    You don't want to have to pr recvrs ?
    EACH and every client has to be paired with the HS17, thats the only option available.
  13. For serious power users perhaps. For 99% of customers, it's an excellent, albeit imperfect, solution.
  14. Unless of course the HS 17 goes down and then all of your TV's are down. I know the chances are slim, but i would not be a happy camper....I'll stick with my hr 44 and the two hr 24's that i currently have.
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  15. I am not really a power user with 1 receiver. Although the AM21 might make me one... which is something else the HS17 doesn't do, and something 99% of people don't have. I know you're right, I just don't see the clients as stable or logical.
  16. We have heard about a replacement for the AM21 and 22 that will work on the HS-17, still nothing concret as of yet.
  17. Wow, this thread really went off the ops topic ...
    Just saying..
    That' what happens when nothing else is known.
  18. I had an HR44 and HR24. Good boxes but I don't feel like I lost anything with HS17 and 2 C61K clients. I have a couple wireless minis in an office and a spare bedroom. They work well enough for limited use they get but if it was regular use, I'd run coax into those rooms and add wired clients.

    Different strokes, but I've seen several people make blanket statements about the HS17 being a downgrade and that simply isn't true without a qualifier.
  19. It just depends on your situation .... many would have no issues with it, however if you do not want to use clients, thats an issue.
    I cannot take a Client out to the RV when I go camping.
    Therefore, the HS17 will never work for me.

    No, not interested in having a separate account at full price for just the RV.
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  20. That's exactly my point. "It depends."
  21. It hasn’t been a downgrade for me. Not only do I have more DVR space but everything works as it should. I remember the hr 34 having way more bugs at this point than what the HS17 does.
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