Pairing a 32.0 UHF 2G remote to a 922 receiver


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Jun 3, 2022
I got my unicorn 922 receiver activated and its working great but I can't seem to get the 32.0 UHF 2G remote to pair to the 922. Do I really need the UHF green antenna in the back of the receiver remote that is specific to the 922? I have one from what I think was from an old H3 but does not seem to work. I also have an extra one from a 722K. When I am in the system info screen and hit the SAT button the 922 is not picking up the 32.0 remote with the H3 antenna. Will any of my other old remotes work with the 922 like the 20.0 IR, 21.0 IR/UHF PRO, 40.0 UHF 2G? I am so close to the finish line, any advice is appreciated.
What, no explanation as to what fixed it?
So long story short, it seems the H3 green antenna does work after all with the 32.0 remote on the 922. I went back and made sure the antenna was all the way pointed up which I had not done at first. I had cleared out the previous remote in the history before and had tried to pair my remote and that didn't work. I am not sure if after multiple resets, check switches, and unplugging the power cord it was finally ready for me. I went back and tried to pair the remote and finally heard the pairing noise and was able to pair it. I was pretty pumped!