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    i have the above home theater set up that i’m trying to combine with my new qled tv. I have dish tv/remote but have since realized the the dish remote, 40.0 is uhf and the panasonic is ir. Any suggestions or am i up the creek? I would really like to use just one remote if at all possible. Thanks in advance.
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    Depends on which Dish receiver you have. My Hopper 3 used CEC to suss out the Manufacturer and Model of my HDTV. An older model would you require to program the Dish remote by holding down the TV button until it blinks, typing in one of the codes in your Dish manual for your TV manufacturer, and seeing if the TV power then worked. The 40.0 remote also outputs IR for controlling other devices.

    I'm not familiar with that model, is it a combo Disk Media player and Home Theater 5.1 system? If so, you'd want to use the AUX button and look up the model in the appropriate section of your Dish receiver's manual. You would then want to set your Dish 40.0 remote to use the HT for volume control instead of the TV set.

    Also, you might find that a question like this would get more exposure in the Dish Network forum since this concerns setting up the Dish Remote. It has been a long time since I set my old Dish IR remote up so I'm probably skipping a step or two.

    Good luck!

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