Pansat 2000V Connection to Plasma TV

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Feb 8, 2010

First off, please let me apologize my ignorance. I am new to the satellite tv lexicon.

I have a Pansat 2000V connected to a HD plasma TV. The picture is fuzzy and not HD quality at all. It's connected properly, so I have no idea why the picture quality is so poor. I had a clearer picture on my old analog TV.

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?

Thank you for your help and time!
Sure. That receiver is a SD unit. It cannot decode nor send a HD signal.

The picture quality is so poor mostly because of the deinterlacer and scalar in your television. You should indeed notice a much better picture quality on an older tube TV, because that older TV operates at the scan rate and resolution exactly compatible with the Pansat.

... I am new to the satellite tv lexicon. ...

Well, so you might have to get some further clarification on the terms I just used, unless simply knowing that it is normal and expected is good enough. ;)
Please reply by conversation.