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Mar 20, 2005
Gibsonia, PA
A friend of mine has a Pansat 3500 SD receiver and would like to know if it has blind scan? I looked at the specs, but couldn't determine if it does or not.


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May 22, 2004
Yep, it was a good one and it had the SD card so you could easily use Channel Master to edit your data.


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Sep 22, 2005
L.A., Calif.
If they ever go on clearance, I might pick one up.
It's on the short list of popular receivers I like to mention to newbies.
Generally, it commands a little higher price, since it's one of the few on the market with skew servo control for C-band LNBs.


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Apr 18, 2006
Yes... It's the smart scan... If you are just looking to scan one tp, you use tp scan... if trying to scan tps that the receiver knows about already, you use the scan in side the main list thingy (first option), if you want manual pid entries, use advanced scan.

It IS confusing to n00bs since there's so many different scans in the thing... Also, it does use sd cards so you can use that to load bin files to and from channel master to re-arrange everything. I have mine set up so that satellites are all arranged east to west and vice versa, which is way better than what the default list had... in the channel list, new satellite channels always end up on the bottom of the list, so you'll need to re-arrange with edit sort channels... what I do is have all the stuff I normally watch in favorite 1 list and then after a blind scan, do channel edit, scroll up in the list, add to favorite you want and then after that do sort by however you want channels in each satellite sorted and then sort by satellite... I usually go sort alphabetic to get them alphabatized and then sort by satellite to make them all alphabatized inside of each satellite, with satellites arranged east to west, so low number channels are on 148w, then white springs, then 123w, etc. and bottom channels at end of list are on 30w... very nice way to do it to make sure things don't take forever waiting for motor to move as you channel surf. This thing where new channels show up on the bottom of the initial channel list is nice since you can edit them without having to scroll through tons of stuff in the main list edit functions... may not seem like it makes much a difference at first, but once you have the full arc loaded in and every channel under the sun in there, you'll start understanding since it's a bit awkward doing manual edits in the reciever scrolling through page after page after page of channels.

also a bit of an annoyance is if you manually change locations in usals or 1.2, loading a channel bin from channel master will erase your setting sometimes... I usually have mine a degee-3 degrees off as wind sometimes blows dish east/west.. easy to fix by manually editing in the receiver but a pain since it has to be done to each bird on the list.
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