PBS Kids Channel In My Area?

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  2. Very rare the Philadelphia market isn't home to a diginet at launch or has an affiliate signed on for the near future, especially with two member stations. Tough break. I'm glad I get WVIA.
  3. SURPRISE KERA Dallas has replaced 13=2 with PBS KIDS I never saw a notice but it sure isn't WORLD any longer.
  4. Dayton, Ohio WPTD 16.5 which used to be an SD repeater of the HD x.1 channel just switched to PBS Kids today (or at least I just noticed it today)
  5. Wisconsin Public Television started airing PBS Kids on ##.4 three days earlier.
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  6. Prairie Public here in Fargo launched it this morning at 6 am on 13.4

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  7. WFYI played coy with me on Facebook and said to stay tuned, but since they are listed at the official PBS link I'm guessing PBS Kids will take over 20.2 when V-Me ends its contract.
  8. I'm surprised in my area of Johnstown/Altoona/State College PA.

    Not only is both WPSU and WQED getting PBS Kids.

    Just like when WPSU added World, my cable co Atlantic Broadband oddly made a deal ahead of time to carry it. They usually take like a month and a half to carry a new subchannel if they do.

    WPSUDT4 shows up on Zap2It, but I see no proof of it yet on my cable system. Supposedly it will be channel 118.

    We only carry WQED's main PBS signal on cable here. It's out of market technically from Pittsburgh.

    Comcast in the rural areas of my county, oddly carries WPSU 1-3 and WQED 1-4.

    So they get two PBS Worlds and two PBS Creates.

    They also carry in SD Pittsburgh, ABC, Fox, NBC & CBS while my company dropped KDKA (CBS) and only carry (WTAE) ABC from Pittsburgh.
  9. How about CCI in your area because in KC area on it not yet?
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  11. No. The PBS Kids subchannel is just like any other subchannel. Qubo is not on satellite, they just have a block of programming on weekends on ion-west.
  12. Comcast here in North Georgia carries WTCI PBS and Create. It also carries WNGH PBS, Create, World, and now PBS kids. The only subnet locally they don't carry is Comet. Been up on 61.2 over a year and not added to the lineup. When Escape came online in March of last year, it was on cable within a day. Just like PBS kids. Weird. Must be a contract thing. I have an antenna, but it's indoor and doesn't pick up well so I have to have limited basic through Comcast.
  13. That is crazy. I like the idea of PBS Kids but I would not want to lose PBS World also.

    PBS World seems to have nice docs on when PBS is more showing current news or localized programming.

    For some reason my company Atlantic Broadband decided to carry PBS Pittsburgh WQED (nice as they sometimes air stuff my PBS doesn't). But they decided to only carry my local PBS WPSU's subchannels and they still don't carry Create at all.

    WPSU carries World, Create, and PBS Kids. ABB jumped at the chance to get PBS Kids (struck a publicized deal a while back for World also) but ignored Create.

    I think it's due to the fact programming has been horrible in my area with ABB (they are finally working on it). Now they can go "Local Customers get a kids channel now! Look how awesome of a cable co we are!" Then go "We added PBS Kids now pay us more money per month!".
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  14. Qubo is a digital subchannel of Ion.
  15. Same with Life and IONSHOP. Sprectrum in KC hasen't added it yet and was to on 16th but does have Sprectrum Weather channel and Sports 3 SD. CCI in KS has spaces for SD Channels between like 621-29 but might before HD Channels,638 for 4.3,618 for 62.2 or one of KPXE ones,613-14.
  16. I am aware of what qubo is. I am telling you it is not on satellite. Only ion east and ion west are on satellite. There is a block of time that is qubo programming inserted in ion-west, probably to meet e/i requirements since ion is an OTA channel at heart. ion Life is also not on satellite. With an AM21, if you have Directv and and ion OTA, most ion affiliates will show up integrated in your guide with the ion, ion Life, qubo, and shop channels, but that is the only way. There is a way with Dish, too. But keep in mind that this is still receiving the channels OTA. The actual satellite-provided channels are just ion and ion west.
  17. What language is this?
  18. Yeah it is,if you have a real satellite dish :biggrin
  19. Fair enough - disclaimer: My statement is for the small-dish pay services (Directv, Dish) and not the gigantic dishes that I don't understand!
  20. I knew what you meant,just being a smart a$$ :biggrin
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