Sinclair/Tribune update

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  1. deal could be announced tomorrow if so Antenna TV gone from like WDAF.
  3. Antenna TV is also on TV25

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  4. I knew that. Was just talking about 4.2 and TBD becuase Comet TV is already on 5.2. Charge would be good because just on a low power station. 4.3,will not change.
  5. I heard sony pictures is buying tribune media does this mean anything for us in the OTA group?
  6. Antenna TV is a Tribune property. If Sinclair buys Tribune in full, Sinclair will own Antenna TV.
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  7. I don't see anything specific in this Variety article regarding the local WGN channel 9, but I assume that channel 9 would also be included in a Sinclair deal? It only lists WGN Radio and WGN America. Just this past year, WGN became independent from the CW, so I wasn't sure if Tribune was trying to hold onto WGN as a separate entity or not.
  8. I guess ThisTV would go with the package too
  9. I am sure the other stations with nothing on it would pick up whatever YOU THINK YOUR LOSING while, IF ANY deal is being made....
  10. We don't have TBD yet but have the others that Sinclair stations have.
  11. Deal has happened so Meredith KSMOTV picks up Antenna TV,Hearst back up This TV. 4.2 Charge,4.3 TBD,4.4 ASN. St. Louis sells one of it's stations.
  12. I almost want to say that if all Sinclair wants to do with WGN America is air reruns, they should just flip WGN to a simulcast of one of their various subchannels, or perhaps use WGN to launch the rumored "Antenna TV Classic". They could still keep the WGN branding for a while if needed per affiliate contracts.
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  13. Wish it could be a true "Superstation" again

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  14. Interesting when the deal is done if WNOL 38 CW and WGNO ABC 26 will get it lose. My guess at worst Escape would be replaced by Charge or Escape could go with their Brother station Grit on WVUE. I figure after the Sinclair deal everything will stay as is. We'll see in the coming months
  15. 95 percent of Hearst subnets are Weigel owned. Sinclair will own Antenna/This. So don't look for WDAF to lose those two.
  16. Nothing will change in the Green Bay area. WLUK-TV FOX 11 will still be the sister station of WCWF CW 14, and they will continue to operate out of the WLUK-TV 11 studios on 787 Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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  17. I am somewhat curious how it will all work out.

    That's a lot of sub-channels to manage.

    I am figuring it's Comet, Charge!, TBD, Stadium, and soon Antenna TV and THIS.

    Obviously Antenna TV and THIS are already in my areas and I don't know if I believe TBD will last for years to come.

    That's a pretty good amount of subchannels to manage, especially in markets there really is only a single Sinclair station and no Tribune station.
  18. Already Sinclair's biggest slap in the face was replacing Decades on KMEG for TBD....hopefully they wont do this matter to any of the Tribune stations they will eventually acquire...
  19. Sounds like a great story, especially coming from you. I let you in on the St. Louis situation. KTVI is Fox/Antenna/Escape and KPLR is CW/This/Comet. Sinclair keeps both because you only have one of the big 4. This is the exact same set up in New Orleans except WGNO is ABC/Antenna/Escape and WNOL is identical to KPLR. When the deal is done both St. Louis and New Orleans stations stay because there is only one big 4 that Tribune ownes in both Markets.

    Before you make a statement READ THE REST:

    BY THE WAY YOUR RIGHT....THE FOX STATION will UP GETTING SOLD. St. Louis has KNDL ABC 30 with TBD and Charge, which Sinclair owns already. The New Orleans market Sinclair keeps both. Good looking out.
  20. No changes in KC other then TBD been added maybe we can hope but would like to see Stadium and Charge show up on FOX4KC to but would would mean 5 channels on FOX4KC.
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